Is 9-1-1 Your New Work Number?

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Additional Options: Personal Job Search Consult and National Certification Exam

"The textbook chapters were in depth practical reading. The ten unit lessons made the textbook come to life with actual 9-1-1 call analysis and so much more. I feel I am ready for this amazing career!"

Student Tri-C College employed at 9-1-1.

Required Textbook
Hi, I’m your required 10 unit 9-1-1 textbook.

Unit One: About a 911 Career
Unit Two - Emergency Call Taking
Unit Three - Technology and 9-1`-1
Unit Four - Police Communications
Unit Five - Fire Communications
Unit Six - Emergency Medical EMD
Unit Seven - Emergency Radio
Unit Eight - 9-1-1 Ethics/Liability
Unit Nine - Crisis Intervention
Unit Ten - Wellness and Stress

At the end of our course you can choose options 1) National Certification Exam 2) Personal Job Search Consultation!

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